Gladiators Gym is located just north of downtown Redwood City.  You will be amazed to find an ‘old school’ facility that is located in a spaciously converted warehouse turned boxing gym. We offer contact and non-contact boxing skills as well as strength & cardio conditioning classes for both youths and adults. Classes are included with your membership or you could just stop by and pay a $10 fee on a drop in basis.


Class description is as follows:


Classes start with light warm up exercises and flexibility training. Participant is taught fundamental stance, footwork, shadow boxing and striking techniques. These modalities are then practiced on light and heavy bags for a super cardio and conditioning workout. To further sharpen skills and increase stamina, ‘ring work,’ such as punch mitt and punch shield workout routines are also implemented.



Callisthenic and plyometric exercises followed by strength training are introduced, using a variety of gymnasium equipment including dumbbells, medicine balls, flex tubing, etc.


Training for professional and amateur level competition is also provided at Gladiators Gym by Antonio Renteria and Eloy Ramirez both member coaches of USA Boxing Inc.


Many of our gym members have competed at local, regional, and national USA Boxing sanctioned events throughout the year, as well as the San Francisco Golden Gloves.


Here at the Gladiators Gym, we also feature an open gym for those who just want to come down and work out for their own personal benefit. Our goal is to provide the community, youth and adults alike, a quality program to better their overall person. Aside from physical conditioning, we emphasize the importance of discipline, respect, responsibility, accountability, helping and being a positive role model in our community.



OTHER: Dumbbells, Barbells, Jump Ropes, Medicine Balls, Stability Balls, Strength Tubing, Incline Benches, Climbing Ropes, Pull Up Bars, Dip Bars, Peg Boards, Punch Mitts, Spar Mitts and Vests, Punch Shields, Heavy Bags, Double End Bags, Uppercut Bags, Speed Bags and Platforms, Exercise Mats, Gloves, Headgear, Foul Protecters etc



12.00pm -7.30pm



1111 Arguello St.
Redwood City, CA 94063
(650) 245-6411

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